One way that COAD finds solutions is through the work of our subcommittees. Members gather around topical issues and programmatic activities to improve community resilience throughout the disaster cycle, and to further create a climate for cooperation.  Our committees include:

Public Information & Outreach

Chair, Elba Gonzalez-Mares, Community Health Initiative,

The purpose of the Public Information and Outreach subcommittee is to collaborate and partner with key stakeholders in providing accurate, timely, accessible Vetted info that is disseminated broadly and quickly throughout Napa County.

Care, Shelter & Access & Functional Needs

Co-Chair, Nathan Gilfenbaum, Napa County Disaster Recovery Group, & James Cooper, American Red Cross


Chair, Wendi Piscia,

The purpose of the Animal Sub-Committee is to educate the public on the animal component of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery and ensure that there are trained individuals to assist Emergency Services in sheltering, evacuation, and care of animals, both large and small, during a disaster.  The Animals subcommittee works through Napa CART