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The Napa Valley Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) develops and enhances partnerships for communication, coordination & collaboration amongst the whole community including non-profit & faith-based organizations, government agencies, and the private sector during all phases of disaster.


The 2014 South Napa Earthquake and 2015 Lake County Valley Fire and Calistoga sheltering response underscored the critical need to develop a structure in Napa County to improve community resilience by identifying and directing vital resources to help residents recover from a disaster. Local government cannot meet these needs alone and relies on non-profit agencies for service delivery. These agencies bring a myriad of resources to serve a diverse array of populations, particularly those who are vulnerable and at risk for the most devastating outcomes.

The earthquake and fires highlighted the need for better coordination and communication between non-profit agencies and local government. With funding from Napa Valley Vintners, the Napa Valley Community Foundation convened a “lessons learned” forum with several agencies. A resounding theme that emerged from the forum was the need for a system in Napa County through which local government and agencies can communicate and collaborate. This would allow for not only greater preparedness, but also would create stronger community resilience and coordination amongst the non-profit and public sector during disaster mitigation, response, relief and recovery. In 2016 the Community Organizations Active in Disaster was created, modeled after similar structures in Counties and Cities across the nation.

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Duty Line: 707.815.4227



Director | Celeste Giunta

Executive Committee

Michele Grupe (Cope Family Center)

Dorothee Stangle (Community Leaders Coalition)

Wendi Piscia (Napa Humane)

Pete Shaw (CrossWalk Church)

Lisa Fletcher (Napa County Health & Human Services/Public Health Division)

Danielle Barreca (CERT and Coldwell Banker)

Indira Lopez (UpValley Family Centers)

Jennifer Kasanback (City of American Canyon)

Nathan Gilfenbaum (Catholic Charities)