Training Events Sponsored by COAD


These workshops are offered in partnership with Catholic Charities, On the Move and UpValley Family Centers. Available in English and Spanish.  Contact to get connected to a training session.

Talleres de Preparaciones de Listos

Estos talleres se ofrecen en colaboración con Catholic Charities, On the Move y UpValley Family Centers. Se ofrece en inglés y español. Contacta a para conectarse a una sesión de capacitación.



These workshops are offered in partnership with Aldea Children and Family Services.  The workshops are offered over two consecutive days and all participants are asked to confirm they can attend both sessions.

About the workshop

The workshop provides the opportunity to gain an understanding of the basis of trauma and how you can identify and support those experiencing trauma.  The first session focuses on the theoretical background around trauma with the second session focusing on techniques and practices for dealing with trauma, including self care.

Talleres de Atención de Trauma Informado

Estos talleres se ofrecen en colaboración con Aldea Children y Family Services en el transcurso de dos días consecutivos y se les pide a todos los participantes que confirmen su asistencia para las dos sesiones.

Sobre el taller

El taller brinda la oportunidad para ganar un entendimiento sobre los puntos básicos del trauma y cómo se puede identificar y apoyar a los que lo experimentan. La primera sesión se enfoca en el contexto teórico sobre el trauma y la segunda sesión se enfoca en los métodos y prácticas para poder enfrentar el trauma, incluyendo el cuidado personal.



This workshop is offered in partnership with CERT.

We will announce future dates for this workshop when they are available.

About UHA Workshops

Until Help Arrives provides attendees with basic skills in responding during an emergency when help is not immediately available.  Attendees learn five basic steps that may help save a life until professionals arrive: call 911, stay safe, stop the bleeding, position the injured, and provide comfort.  Past attendees have noted that you leave the session with a new sense of ‘I’ve got this’ and that the workshop is well presented via the on-line format!



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