LTR Introduction:

The Napa County Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) was convened to provide a coordinated recovery effort to support the needs of 2020 wildfire survivors.  The LTRG includes stakeholders across sectors including community and faith-based organizations, as well as government agencies, brought together to help address the material, financial, housing, emotional and spiritual health and other needs of fire survivors. The primary focus of the LTRG is to support vulnerable populations that do not have sufficient resources to recover, such as older adults, individuals with disabilities, and low-income households.  A key objective of long-term recovery is to support survivors getting back to their pre-disaster situation, including stable housing.

The work of the LTRG is directed by a steering committee comprised of the chairs of the key committees involved in long term recovery.  While the group is a separate entity, it follows the operating principles of Napa Valley COAD and general oversight is provided by COAD’s Executive Committee.  The LTRG has its own set of bylaws which guides its operations, as well as an Activation Guide.

Services are provided regardless of race, creed, age, socio-economic status, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or religious preference.

Key services provided in long term recovery include:


Disaster Case Management (DCM):

Disaster Case Management has concluded for the 2020 wildfires.

Households still in need of recovery support should contact UpValley Family Centers.  They may be able to provide referrals or other supportive services.

Call: 707-965-5010

UpValley Family Centers – Flyer/Folleto
*English and Español


Households that are experiencing housing issues as fire survivors can contact Fair Housing Napa Valley for assistance.

Call: 707-224-9720

Insurance Assistance:

United Policyholders provides insurance support to disaster survivors.  They offer workshops in navigating insurance including “Roadmap to Recovery” and “Survivor to Survivor”.  Live and recorded zoom sessions are provided and can be access via this website: [LINK]

United Policy Holders – Roadmap to Recovery