Become a member today! Membership is open to organizations, local government and businesses throughout Napa County. COAD takes a holistic approach to disaster preparedness and response by engaging the whole community including non-profits, faith-based groups and local government as part of the process.  COAD uses Incident Command Systems principles (ICS) to organize its preparedness and response activities to ensure effective and well coordinated efforts. There is currently no cost to join COAD.

As a member you will have access to:

  • Collaborative opportunities to address community needs before, during and after disasters
  • Timely, vetted information and resources to support your organization’s response
  • Preparedness and capacity building training and events and disaster planning tools
  • Community partnerships with local government

As a member you will expected to:

  • Agree with the mission and purpose of Napa Valley COAD
  • Maintain representation at COAD general and activation meetings
  • Work within the framework of COAD’s operational objectives for COAD coordinated activities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to COAD by organizational leadership and keep COAD informed of disaster and preparedness activities to ensure coordination

To join and be contacted by COAD please fill out this form: