Disaster Operations and Recovery


Disaster Activation Plan: In the event of a disaster, the Napa Valley COAD will follow its Disaster Activation Guide.  This is a “living document” and is updated every 6-12 months.  The plan can be accessed here: COAD Disaster Activation Guide – Updated April 2023

COAD SUBCOMMITTEE OPERATING GUIDE – APRIL 2023: COAD has developed a Subcommittee Operating Guide to assist subcommittee leaders and members in managing subcommittees, particularly during disasters.  This guide can be accessed here: Napa Valley COAD – Subcommittee Operating Guide – April 2023

Member Resource Guide

In the event of a disaster, COAD agencies will regularly update the COAD Resource Guide with information regarding their response and recovery efforts.  This is a “live document” and is continually updated.  It can be accessed here: COAD Resource Directory


COAD After Action Report – Fall 2019 PSPS Events and Kincade Fire:

After the COAD activation in response to the PSPS events in October and November 2019, COAD summarized its collective efforts and pulled together its lessons learned and recommendations for the future.  The full report can be found here:  Napa Valley COAD After Action Report – October/November 2019 PSPS Events and Kincade Fire

COAD After-Action Report – 2020 Wildfires

From August 18, 2020 through the end of October, COAD was engaged in the response to the LNU Lightning Complex/Hennessey Fire and Glass Fire.  The full report including subcommittee impact reports and lessons learned for the future can be found here: Napa Valley COAD 2020 Wildfires – After-Action Report (June 2, 2021)

COAD Interim After-Action Report – COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (March – December 2020)

From February 2020 through November 2021 COAD was actively involved in the COVID-19 emergency response. This interim after-action report focuses on the first 8-10 months of the response: March – December 2020. The full report including the timeline of the event and concurrent events, subcommittee impact, lessons learned and recommendations for the future can be found here: Napa Valley COAD – COVID-19 Interim After-Action Report (January 2022).

COAD Long Term Recovery – 2020 Wildfires After-Action Report

Right after the 2020 wildfires, COAD began discussions around long term recovery.  The Long Term Recovery Group was launched in February 2021 to provide assistance to those households that did not have the resources to recover on their own.  The After-Action Report chronicles the work of the LTRG and its recommendations for mitigating the impact of and expediting the recovery from future disasters.  The report can be found here: COAD Long Term Recovery Group – After-Action Report (March 2023).

COAD Language Access Study Results Summary – Spring 2023

COAD undertook a three-phased data-driven study of language access during emergencies to better understand language access needs and develop communication strategies that maximize the reach and effectiveness of messaging during all phases of disaster.  This Results Summary report highlights the results of each study phase along with the recommendations resulting from the key findings.